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From our engagement party (summer ‘15) to our pre-wedding events, we undertook many DIY projects while incorporating as many natural elements as possible. Indian weddings are already so vibrant – the colours, the details, the traditions. So in keeping with our outdoor inspiration, we wanted a wedding location and theme that was simple in its beauty, a natural canvas that spoke for itself, yet something that would allow for the intricacies of the ceremony to shine through as the focal point. We went with an open-concept mandap with the lake and lush greenery serving as our backdrop – the forecast that day allowed for the most unforgettable, picture-perfect wedding one could imagine.


There’s an old saying: men have two jobs on their wedding day – to show up at the right place and on the right day. For me, I just wanted to ride in on an elephant (no joke)! When we quickly realized how unrealistic this actually was I settled for a horse. When the time finally came it took me by complete surprise – there I was with the best view – my family and close friends all around me, everyone moving to the beat of tassa drums and my new family awaiting my entrance. This was probably the first and last moment that I was the centre of attention that day but it’s one I’ll never forget.


The tying of the mangalsutra has always been one of my favourite customs to witness between a bride and groom in a Hindu wedding. I remember feeling very anxious when it came to that part of our ceremony. As Roger leaned in, I happened to glance over at my parent’s and caught them both burst into tears – it felt like time stood still. I, of course, broke into tears as well and realized how much more significance this custom carried, not just for the couple, but for the two families. I knew in that heartfelt moment they were sad to let me go yet happy to watch me take this next step in my life.


It’s easy to get caught up in planning your “dream wedding” but don’t forget you’re only planning for a moment in time and you still have your marriage ahead of you. The best advice we were given and one that we want to pay forward is to take one day a week to yourselves – absolutely no wedding talk! Wedding planning is a time when emotions and stress levels run high – so take a day and remind yourselves why you’re doing all of this in the first place. And don’t think there won’t be disagreements along the way but it’s not about who is right or wrong. You’re now in this together and no one should be on the losing end.

The List:

Wedding Venue: The Manor by Peter and Pauls

Videography: Film Style Weddings

DJ: Empire Entertainment


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